We are Ron and Rita Mixon

We have been involved in woodworking for the home industry and the craft industry for the majority of our lives.
 Ronnie has had several medical problems starting over ten years ago. He has heavy metal poisoning he encountered while diving commercially when he was a young man. He has been diagnosed with severe neuropathy. On our appointments to numerous doctors we were told that in all probability that he could lose his feet and possibly affect his organs. The medical prognosis left us with no hope for his condition ever improving, expecting his health to only deteriorate.

I started doing research reading every book I could find, and put Ronnie on a specialized program with vitamins, minerals and special diet. In time, his condition improved drastically. This has made us aware that a healthy life-style can bring dramatic changes in your personal health. So we are constantly searching for ways to naturally improve our health. In our search for natural remedies, green tea continually was at the fore front of the research. We live in the south and there are no southern tea companies. We ordered 100's of samples of tea from all over the world. Most of their teas were so strong and bitter, that they were not palatable to our southern taste buds. We could not sweeten these teas to our taste. Southerners are really big on their sweet tea. We have a sweet or milder palate than a lot of our northern cousins. What we have discovered is that tea tastes are influenced by where it is grown, the altitude and soil conditions. An example that most people can relate to is, you can see blackberries growing on the side of the road, where they would have very little top soil and poor growing conditions. The berries, even when black and ripe, are more bitter than sweet. If you were to put the same plant into rich soil with good growing conditions, the resulting berry is the size of a nickel and very sweet with little or no bitterness. When you start with a mild base whole leaf tea, it takes a lot less to sweeten this for the southern palate.

When we tasted these samples and began mixing them for our family, the first thing we wanted was a whole leaf green tea with all the medicinal and health benefits. The second thing was to simply taste good. We found out that teas when mixed with fruit, were tasty without sugar and those that wanted sweeter, could sweeten them easier. We made another discovery with our family and the 1000's of people at our tea tastings at trade shows. When we offered the teas in a variety of ways, unsweetened, sugar and with brown sugar, the customers who did not like the unsweetened teas, preferred the teas that were sweetened with brown sugar.

Chemicals are used to remove the molasses from white sugar. Green tea and the molasses flavor of brown sugar is a great combination for the southern palate. A good raw brown sugar only has nine calories per teaspoon and is better for diabetics. See facts on health benefits for brown sugar at www.ehow.com
We are going to be constantly adding new teas to our company. Any tea that we introduce to our line of teas will be nutritionally the best that we can find, a tea that is suited to the southern palate and will be easily sweetened.

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