A lot of our teas have special names. They are named after our children, grandchildren, nieces, or special places. The story behind our strawberry green tea is that we named it after our youngest daughter  Callie.   When she was around 5 years old she dearly loved strawberries. We have been exhibiting at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Fl for a lot of years. Our daughter Callie wanted lots of strawberries? So we brought home 20 flats of strawberries, that’s a lot of berries. When Callie saw these she said” I don’t know if I can eat that many, but I’m sure gonna try!” So of course we had to name this tea after her!     Callie Anne’s strawberry.
Our # 2 best seller. Sencha base green tea blended with real freeze dried strawberries and papaya pieces which creates an exceptionally smooth and naturally sweet tea.  It’s great iced or hot!