History of Herbal teas.
Most of these herbs have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Native Americans were the 1st in our country to create herbal concoctions or teas, for specific healing purposes. Our ancient ancestors were onto something when they used herbs & spices into their daily lifestyles. Not only do these herbs & spices taste good, they have multiple healing properties as well. Of course any tea that only uses herbs & spices is caffeine free.  We have added a lot of health benefits in our descriptions of these herbs. But please do your own research! We hope this research is beneficial to you, in making your choices of which herbs & spices to buy. Remember you can create your own blends using these herbs & spices listed below. Pick out the ones with similar healing properties and mix them together to create your own blend.
You can also add these to our Sencha green tea base for extra health benefits.